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Soft Women’s Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Soft Women’s Hoodies & Sweatshirts

From activewear that’s fantastic for relaxing around the house to the perfect pieces for a busy day running errands, Fundamental Coast has a unique collection of women’s jackets and hoodies specially curated to highlight our signature style. Cozy fleece jackets, super soft crewneck sweatshirts, and super soft sweatshirts for women are here to help you create a sporty-casual look for all types of weather. 

Explore signature styles and rediscover your versatility with pieces that are easy to mix and match with each other, as well as with the go-to styles you already own. From joggers and sneakers to shorts and sandals, our outerwear selection delivers the final layer for your cool-weather ensembles. Shop the store now!

Signature Comfort

In addition to our youthful designs and contemporary silhouettes, Fundamental Coast also focuses on comfort. With our unique fabric blends, you can expect an ultra-soft feel that wraps you in quality. Whether you prefer our soft women’s hoodies, cozy fleece jackets, or cropped sweaters, we strive to ensure that it’s truly a pleasure to wear every piece in our collection. Discover what it means to really enjoy your clothing. These pieces are more than just looks, they feel incredible too! Choose Fundamental Coast for higher-quality designs today.

Your Casual Companion

Just because our styles are sporty and urban doesn’t mean they lack thoughtful design and sophistication! With our masterful blend of chic style and ultimate comfort, you get the best of both worlds. Check out soft women’s hoodies and super soft women’s sweatshirts that can take you from a grocery run to a brunch with friends — no change of clothing necessary!

Looking for more athleisure styles? Browse all our new arrivals for women here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more reasons to fall in love with our super soft crewneck sweatshirts? Read the answers to our FAQs below and discover interesting facts and creative ways to style your new finds!

What Is the Best Soft Women’s Hoodie Material?

For a hoodie to be soft and comfy, it needs to have excellent breathability, lightweight, moisture-wicking properties, and a big helping of coziness. This is why cotton-polyester and cotton-fleece blends are the most ideal. We use micro-sanded fleece for additional comfort.

Are Hoodies Better Tight or Loose?

Depends on where you’ll be wearing it. For places like the office where you have to wear smart clothing, a well-fitting hoodie is recommended because it will make you look polished. For all other occasions, feel free to get inside the baggiest fit you can find and bask in the warmth! Check out our blog for the best styling tips!

Why Do Soft Women’s Hoodies Lose Their Softness?

Soft clothing requires special care if you want to maintain its texture and shape. Most people ignore care instructions and use harsh chemicals like bleach or wash their soft clothes in warm or hot water which causes the fibers to break down, resulting in the loss of softness.

How Do I Keep My Super Soft Women’s Sweatshirt Soft and Fluffy?

To preserve the plushness of your sweatshirt, only wash it inside-out in cold water with mild detergents. Avoid using fabric softeners because they can leave a residue. We also recommend air drying as too much movement can cause pilling, making your clothes less soft.



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