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The sand, the palm trees, and the Pacific Ocean are the backdrop for casual style. Do you want to learn more about California fashion, the clothing industry, the laid-back lifestyle, or even fashion sustainability? Our clothing blog dives into our own brand, but we also explore topics beyond our collections. Our production practices are part of the ever-changing global fashion industry, and the clothes you wear help elevate your way of living in both bold and subtle ways.

Men & women in comfy summer outfits

Comfy Summer Outfit Ideas for Men and Women

Brighter days, clear skies, refreshing drinks, and the opportunity for a big splash outdoors are just some of the things we love about summer. Apart from these, we’re also huge fans of summer fashi...

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Every Textile Tells a Story

The team at Fundamental Coast searches diligently for the highest quality, most tactile fabrics available. More and more of these fabrics are being invented every year, and as we seek out high-quality textiles, we add them to our collections to benefit both your comfort and your concern for the environment.

Some of our most unique textiles are created by repurposing recycled plastics and discarded seashells. We share your concern for long-term sustainability, so we’re excited to share more information with you and dive behind the scenes of the fashion world in our sustainable fashion blog.

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs Just for You

Every day here on the California Coast is an adventure and you can add a little of that relaxed beach vibe to your everyday life. Read about how Fundamental Coast is reimagining your style from a foundational level — from design to distribution, and everything in between.

Discover the brand Californians are talking about, catch a bit of that breezy coastal living, and learn lifestyle and fashion tips with our innovative clothing blog. Find your fundamental lifestyle today at Fundamental Coast.



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