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Casual Button-Down Shirts

Casual Button-Down Shirts

Your casual and effortless fashion sense doesn’t have to be tucked away after you’re done at the beach. Our men’s casual button-down short sleeves shirts are the perfect kind of laid-back style that’s inspired by the relaxing vibes of the Southern California coast. 

Fashioned from high-tech, incredibly tactile fabrics made in-house, our soft short-sleeve button-down shirts are what you want for a night out on the town, that Sunday brunch gathering, or a casual cup of coffee with friends. These shirts are crafted with a classic modern fit — you’ll not only look your best, but you’ll also feel amazing in one of these ultra-soft, expertly constructed shirts.

Style and Comfort in Perfect Balance

Style should never be sacrificed for comfort and vice versa. And that’s a big part of our purpose here at Fundamental Coast — we offer stylish comfort and quality you’ll look forward to wearing over and over again.

Our casual button-down shirts make you look sharp — and they feel amazing. We make our clothes with designer-quality construction techniques. Our innovative fabrics are finished using innovative and revolutionary techniques. These practices are refined over and over again to deliver you quality apparel that’s modern and functional. Pair our men’s casual button-down short sleeve shirts with super-soft shorts or a sleek, comfortable pair of our casual pants to give your look a fresh upgrade.

Redefining Casual Luxury

You love that chill California vibe and at Fundamental Coast we’ve captured that casual aesthetic so you can enjoy looking your best while living that carefree life. The classic West Coast style that defined your youth is given an upgrade and a bump up in quality — soft fabrics, superior craftsmanship, and fresh designs are what you want for your everyday living and weekend outings. And when you wear a casual button-down shirt it can help define your look instantly — add a touch of that classic West Coast style to your already laid-back sense of fashion.

Fundamental Coast crafts clothing that is stylish and tactile. Explore our ultrasoft clothing and experience the fundamental difference with Fundamental Coast. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our button-down shirts. If you have some as well, go ahead and read the answers to the FAQs below!

How Do You Wear a Casual Button-Down Shirt?

Button-down shirts are transitional pieces that can be worn during the day and night. They pair well with pants and shorts. If you’re going for a full casual look, then unbutton the shirt at the top. Or keep it buttoned up for professional settings. You can also layer a jacket or a blazer over it!

Is a Button-Down Shirt Formal?

Button-down shirts fall more into the category of smart casual rather than formal. You can wear them to casual work settings but not formal black-tie events or serious business meetings. These are best worn as your everyday staples.

What’s the Difference Between Dress Shirts and Casual Button Down Shirts Short Sleeve?

The length of the sleeves is the most obvious difference between short-sleeve button-down shirts and dress shirts. But button-downs are also not as formal as dress shirts. Button-downs are more appropriate for daily wear, whereas dress shirts are worn with ties for formal occasions.

Do Jeans Go With Casual Button-Down Shirts?

Yes! In fact, jeans are one of the most classic ways to style your button-down shirt for casual occasions like a meet-up with friends. You can also pair your shirt with chino-style sweatpants or joggers for maximum comfort. Take a look at our blog for more styling tips.



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