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Elevated Men’s Knitwear

Elevated Men’s Knitwear

Our most loved collection reinvents knitwear with tactile fabrics and refined silhouettes. A nod to the laidback coastal life, these designs are so soft that once you put them on you’ll never want to take them off. Embrace the luxe feel of men’s long sleeve knit shirts and casual knit tops made with ultra-soft fabrics. 

These elevated knits combine your love for comfortable clothing and youthful styles with quality construction, high-tech materials, and sleek, timeless designs that you can wear while taking a stroll along the beach or attending work meetings. Enjoy comfortable everyday wear that delivers urban elegance, casual sophistication, and comfort above all.

Fabrics That Follow Your Every Move

Being designer fashion enthusiasts ourselves, we appreciate the distinction that upscale materials can bring to a piece of clothing. The right materials can transform a basic button-down shirt into sophisticated attire that’s suitable for occasions both casual and formal. From micro-sanded fleece to our soft brushed Cashmere-Touch, every fabric used for our men’s knitwear collection has been thoughtfully crafted in-house. With our ultra-soft textiles, cooling weaves, and four-way stretching fabrics, even the most basic men’s long-sleeve knit shirts can be both stylish and enjoyable for everyday wear. Double down on elegant design and all-day comfort with ultra-light, breathable, and stretchy knits.

Blending Comfort & Sophistication

At Fundamental Coast, we believe in better clothing for all. We strive to create the softest fabrics, more comfortable construction, and casual sportswear that can easily take you from a workday at your favorite café to dining out with your friends. Our men’s knitwear embodies our desire for better sportswear that offers more versatility than ever before. Shop with a brand that understands the balance between comfort and style. Explore the entire men’s collection at Fundamental Coast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in our knitwear collection but have questions before you seal the deal? Read the answers to our FAQs below or get in touch with us online to have your query resolved.

What Is Men’s Knitwear Made Of?

All the clothes in our knitwear collection are made of different types of fabrics, including pure cotton, cotton blends, polyester blends, and our most popular brushed Andy Cashmere-Touch and micro-sanded Later Fleece.

How Can I Style Knitwear?

Knitwear is versatile clothing. Knitwear can be easily incorporated into a variety of outfits and can be easily dressed up or down. We recommend reading our blog for ideas on how to style our knitwear and other clothing.

What Are Some Common Types of Men’s Knitwear?

Some common types of knitwear are casual knit tops, sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, shorts, hoodies, short-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, and pants. As long as the fabric uses a single thread of knitted yarn to create material using interlocking loop construction, it falls under the knitwear umbrella.

How to Care For Men’s Long Sleeve Knit Shirts and Other Knitwear?

Since each product in our knit collection is made with different fabrics, the instructions for care are mentioned on the product page itself. We recommend reading the instructions carefully to protect the quality and increase the longevity of your new knitwear.



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