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Casual Shorts

Casual Shorts

The Fundamental Coast shorts collection has been designed to help you stay “legs out” all year long. These men’s soft shorts have a cashmere-like plushness you’ll relish every time they brush against your skin and a relaxed fit with ample amounts of stretch for all-day comfort. You’ll want to wear these everywhere from your creative workspace to that brunch with friends or even to that golf session with your colleague. Start browsing to experience the smartness of the refined, fitted shape of chinos with the comfort of sweatpants!

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Casual and Real

Casual and real. These two words perfectly describe our men’s clothing, including these soft shorts. Fundamental Coast offers designs for the everyday man who wants a relaxed look with a high-end feel. These are practical, modern fashion options that cater to your high-end sense of style. 

Keep it real and comfortable in our designer short-sleeve shirts and casual shorts. From a Sunday stroll to drinks with friends on the shoreline, we have the perfect pair of men’s soft shorts for you. Get the ultimate feeling of comfort without having to give up on style with our broad selection of luxury shorts. 

Where Your Style Meets Comfort

Founded in 2018, Fundamental Coast is a fashion brand that combines the feel of high-tech fabrics and the look of sophisticated sportswear. Whether you’re hitting it up on the beach or making your way to the next office casual Friday, grab our casual shorts and get ready for wherever the day takes you. 

Our unique story and approach to fashion promise a superior experience with a relaxed, casual feel and style. We strive for all our customers to feel the benefits of our soft custom materials in each item of clothing we make. Come experience the ultimate combination of softness and style with Fundamental Coast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more about our men’s shorts? Browse our FAQs for styling tips, care instructions, and more expert advice from Fundamental Coast!

Are Casual Shorts Good for Summer?

Yes, shorts are perfect for summer because they allow unrestricted movement, comfort, breathability, and excellent air circulation to keep you cool throughout the heat. These super soft shorts are elevated smart casuals that are appropriate for everyday activities. You’ll look smart and you’ll feel cool and comfortable wearing a pair of Fundamental Coast shorts!

Can I Wear Men’s Soft Shorts With Shirts?

Certainly! Shorts look great when paired with short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirts. You can keep the top unbuttoned and roll up the sleeves for a casual look or keep them buttoned up when you need to look just a little more serious. Complete the casual look with sandals and a hat or slip into a pair of loafers to get that smart style.

Can I Wear Shorts to Work?

If you go to a workplace that allows smart casuals, then yes! Our men’s shorts are made with elevated construction techniques that puts them a step above your average shorts and make them work-appropriate. Wear luxury designer shorts made with the softest materials that easily take you from work to cocktail hour.

How to Take Care of Soft Casual Shorts?

Soft shorts should be cared for gently to increase their lifespan and maintain their plush quality. Always wash them in cold water without the use of harsh chemicals. Avoid tumbling at high speeds.



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