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Men's Luxury Hoodies

Men's Luxury Hoodies

Here’s the upgraded sweatshirt, hoodie, and men’s soft jacket that you’ve been searching for. So plush, so soft, and so warm that once you feel them, you’ll always want to wear them. These pieces are inspired by the casual clothes from your youth, but with an elevated twist that reflects your current high-end lifestyle. Our softest men's sweatshirt, hoodie, and jacket are the perfect transitional pieces for year-round wear. Dress them up by layering them over a nice button down or dress them down with a casual tee for a relaxed weekend look. Explore soft and expertly designed fashion now!

One-Of-A-Kind Fabric

At Fundamental Coast, we offer unique, soft clothing that has been carefully crafted with comfort in mind. These pieces reflect your youthful, modern, and stylish look. Our extremely breathable, soft fabrics are used to create the comfiest all-day clothing such as our softest men's sweatshirt and men’s luxury hoodies that can be worn from warm days to chilly evenings. 

We’ve constructed our elevated casuals with an incredibly soft fleece fabric which is a premium blend of the best cotton and fleece. Our in-house micro-sanding finishing techniques make these the softest pieces you will ever wear. Once you feel their plushness against your skin, you’ll never want to take them off!

Soft, Fashionable, and Comfortable

That is our promise to you. Fundamental Coast is much more than just another designer brand. We always aim to use unique high-quality fabrics in all of our designs, like our softest men's sweatshirt and our simple classic t-shirts. Some of our shirt materials are even made of recycled materials, including water bottles and pulverized oyster shells. This is where your youthful style fuses with designer quality and luxury fabrics. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more about our men’s jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts? Our FAQs answer some of your most burning questions. Read now!

What Is the Softest Men’s Sweatshirt Made Out Of?

Soft sweatshirts are typically made with materials like cotton, jersey, and fleece because of how thick, plush, warm, and breathable they are. At Fundamental Coast, we use a blend of cotton and fleece with a micro-sanded finish for a unique soft fabric that can be enjoyed year-round.

Can a Men’s Soft Jacket Be 100% Cotton?

Yes! Soft jackets can be made of 100% cotton. But blended fabrics like our cotton-fleece material can be processed to achieve higher softness and other useful properties like stretch, moisture-wicking, etc. Blended fabrics are also less prone to shrinkage.

How to Find High-Quality Men’s Luxury Hoodies?

There are many factors to consider while searching for high-quality hoodies. We always recommend prioritizing comfort and style. Look for hoodies with smart silhouettes that are made of soft materials. A blend of cotton and fleece is always the best. 

What’s the Best Way to Care For Softest Men’s Sweatshirt?

To maintain the shape and plushness of your soft sweatshirts, always follow the care instructions mentioned on the label. As a general rule, you should wash your soft clothing with cold water, and gentle detergents, and tumble dry at the lowest setting only.



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