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New Arrivals In Men's Smart Casual Wear

The latest styles and modern textiles come together in our new arrivals for soft men's clothing. These are elevated classic designs created with you in mind. You want that effortless youthful feel that you used to sport from back in the day but with a bit of upscale style and a touch of refinement tossed in to make it appropriate for even the most eventful day. Our new arrivals in men’s sportswear and casual resort wear for men are just as soft to the touch as the rest of our offerings. These classic designs are created with designer-quality fabrics, intricate details, and modern silhouettes so you can look put together and sharp while sporting your casual yet elegant style.

For Elevated Everyday Living

You want men’s smart casual wear that moves with you and adds that perfect amount of effortless style to your look whether you’re at work or outside having fun. Our clothing is made with high-tech fabrics that are designed to enrich your wardrobe with a layer of comfort and luxury so you can enjoy getting dressed every day. They’re made for your lifestyle and you’ll look fantastic in them whether you’re hanging out with friends or cruising down the sidewalk. Fundamental Coast is committed to bringing you quality fashion that feels amazing and adds a little something extra to your everyday life.

Redefine Casuals With Fundamental Coast

At Fundamental Coast, we take inspiration from everything you love about the West Coast—the beaches, the palms, the waves, and the people—to create fashion-forward and tactile clothing suited for everyday living. We are bringing you a fresh approach to men’s smart casual wear that reflects high-end designer style. You don’t need to sacrifice quality when it comes to back-to-basics fashion like shirts and t-shirts. You can turn heads by owning an elevated and classic wardrobe that feels incredible and fits you well. Explore staple pieces you’ll love from our collection of casual resort wear for men. Own that laid-back aesthetic and start living the California dream today!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in knowing more about our smart casuals, scroll down to read the answers to our most frequently asked questions about these clothes!

What is Men’s Smart Casual Wear?

Clothes that are casual for everyday wear but still have a polished look that can make them work-appropriate with the right styling are classified as smart casuals. All of Fundamental Coast’s designs fall into this category. See our blog to learn styling ideas.

Are Joggers and Sweatpants Smart Casuals?

They can be if they’re designed well. Joggers and sweatpants with smart details such as chino-style pockets can easily double as smart casuals that you can wear to work or to any outings with friends or colleagues.

What Are Essentials for Casual Resort Wear for Men?

Soft men's clothing like loose button-up shirts, t-shirts, and shorts are the most typical resort wear. But in colder weather, sweatpants, joggers, long-sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts are preferred by most.

What Colors Should I Choose for Men’s Smart Casual Wear?

Muted colors, neutrals, and soft, earthy tones are always a safe choice for smart casuals. Most of our collections feature colors that look sophisticated no matter the setting.



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