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What is sportswear clothing?

Sportswear clothing is a term used in the fashion industry that is used for separates, including shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, shorts, and more. 

What is the difference between sportswear and activewear?

Sportswear refers to separate pieces of clothing in the fashion industry. Sportswear separates can include tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched such as blouses, t-shirts, pants, skirts, shorts, and jackets. Activewear describes clothing that is made for physical activities and exercise. The combination of both activewear and sportswear has made way for a new evolution in fashion called athleisure wear. 

What is the most comfortable fabric to wear?

The most comfortable clothing moves with you. That’s why Fundamental Coast specializes in high-quality fabrics that feature technical details like four-way stretch. We add fabrics like Spandex and finish our items – such as knits – with a cashmere touch for softness and comfort.

Why should you buy designer clothes?

Designer clothing often features luxurious details and high-quality fabrics that you can’t buy from other brands. Lower-quality clothing might have looser stitching, poor composition, or a bad fit. Designer clothes, and the designers behind high-end brands, place a lot of emphasis on great fit and comfortable fabric composition. You’ll find yourself reaching for your designer pieces more than you choose to wear clothing from other brands.

What is high-end fashion?

For fashion to be high-end, you should pay attention to the color, fabric composition, the feel of the product, and if it has great details added. Softer fleeces and hoodies will likely be from a high-end brand, while scratchy clothing is a sign of poor production and craftsmanship.

Why are some clothing brands so expensive?

There are many reasons why a premium clothing brand might be expensive. This depends on the labor it takes to make a product, the materials used, and how the item gets to you. A lot goes into the clothing-making process. Items that are designed well and with intention behind them will cost more than clothing from fast fashion brands.

In your journey to cultivating a capsule wardrobe or participating in slow fashion, you may want to spend a bit more for items you know you’ll love.

What’s the difference between designer clothes and normal clothes?

Designer clothing uses high-quality materials and fabrics, while normal clothes might feel uncomfortable or just not fit right. You can immediately tell if you are wearing designer t-shirts or knits, for example, by how great you feel when you put the item on.

What is fabric finishing?

Finishing a fabric happens after you’ve dyed the fabric and you’re ready to improve the look and performance of a specific item of clothing. Our knits undergo thorough finishing processes to ensure a super soft feel to them. 

What is the importance of fabric finishing?

Fabric finishing is important because yarns are not ready to use right after they’ve been dyed. Fabric needs to be made softer and designers need to ensure it’s performance ready. Before it reaches you – the customer – we like to make sure our fabrics are soft and comfortable to the touch.

What does “soft hand feel” mean?

A soft hand feel means that a clothing item feels soft and luxurious in your hands. These items feel great against the skin and don’t irritate or itch. Read more to learn why Fundamental Coast is dedicated to producing clothing with a soft hand feel.



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