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Soft Long Sleeve Shirts

Soft Long Sleeve Shirts

Fundamental Coast has reinvented your favorite men's long sleeve v neck t-shirt. These are the same clothes you love wearing in your downtime but in a smarter avatar that makes them appropriate for an afternoon of walking around at the local market or an easygoing day at work. Modern construction, better materials, and thoughtful details are just some of the qualities that make our men’s long sleeve summer shirts such a joy to wear. Once you feel their feather-like softness against your skin, you’ll only want to add more of our men’s clothing to your everyday wardrobe.

Discover the Smallest of Details

Discover the difference that Fundamental Coast has to offer you. Even the minutest details of these classic soft long sleeve shirts will help you take your casual dressing game to the next level. From the embossed leather tags and trim details to the cooling weaves and four-way stretch, every detail has been thoughtfully incorporated for you. 

Comfort, style, and quality are just some of the design values we uphold at Fundamental Coast, and these shirts are a reflection of that. The tactile benefits of the fabrics we use are apparent in every piece of clothing we make and you’ll notice it too when you put them on. Try out our long sleeve t-shirts today and say hello to plush, everyday comfort!

Redefining Casual Sportswear

At Fundamental Coast, we design sportswear like soft shirts for men inspired by coastal life and with a designer fashion approach to ensure that you are getting the utmost quality in each piece. We specialize in creating unique and innovative fabrics like our soft-brushed Andy Cashmere-touch and micro–sanded fleece. Our team spends endless hours perfecting and redefining designer sportswear fashion like your men's long sleeve v-neck t-shirt into a comfortable and smart casual piece, without sacrificing modern style. Explore more at Fundamental Coast today.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re ready to experience the plushness of our men’s clothing but need a bit more information before placing your order, scroll down and read our FAQs!

Which Material Is the Best for Soft Shirts for Men?

Cotton blends result in some of the softest materials for men’s long sleeve summer shirts. They’re lightweight, breathable, and absorbent. We use a variety of cotton blends that are further refined through in-house techniques to make them even softer.

Can I Wear a Men’s Long Sleeve v Neck T-Shirt in Summer?

Yes! Lightweight long-sleeve shirts are ideal for summer because they protect you from sunburns while keeping you cool. Pick one in a soft cotton blend and you’ll be set for a more comfortable summer.

Can Soft Shirts for Men Be Worn at Work?

Depends on how they’re constructed. If the silhouettes are slouchy like loungewear, then wearing them to work is a bad idea. This is precisely why we design our shirts, pants, and even hoodies to be versatile for the outdoors. You can easily dress them up or down.

How to Maintain the Softness of Men’s Shirts?

Soft clothes should always be washed in cold water as hot water can make them lose their color, softness, and shape. Use mild detergents and avoid harsh chemicals like bleach to keep them looking new and feeling good for years.



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